Gives you detailed sales and inventory reports that let you know what is selling and what is not. You can also keep track of your customers’ shopping history so you can delight them with personalized service and rewards. This is also designed to be easy to set up so most retailers can start using the software the same day.

Student Invoice

From generating statements and installments plans, to accepting payments, and record keeping. Student Invoice is built to boost efficiency of your billing processes. It is designed to perform the activities involved in fees for different student types, student billing plans and discount schemes.

Document Tracking System

The DTS or Document Tracking System is a smart solution that manages the orderly handling of client requests to the office. With the system, documents can be located and retrieved quickly following the prescribed policies, guidelines, and procedures.


Custom Software Development

We develop quality and innovative solutions that helps you grow your business, improve your customer experience and make smarter decisions to discover new revenue opportunities. We understand that businesses have their own unique flow of operations, that’s why we offer custom software development to satisfy customer’s needs much more precisely that could support their practical business function and unique organizational structure.

Website Applications

We employ talented pool of professional website designers, gifted with the necessary abilities to guarantee that every project is made with as much finesse, creativity and innovativeness as possible. Equipped with the latest technologies and exposed to the newest industry trends, our web experts are especially capable of handling diverse project requests, from static to multi-functional web portals.

Mobile Applications

In our world today, the mobile apps has escalated in most businesses. From employees to customers, mobile apps make it possible for people to stay constantly connected and productive. Our mobile app development team builds creative, robust and high quality android mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.