Feature-Rich Point Of Sale Solution

Barcode or Custom Search

​Easily search items by the product’s barcode.

Discount Schemes

Apply different discount schemes with or without tax exceptions.

Payment Preferences

Accept multitude payment methods – Cash, Check, Credit / Debit, Check or even a Custom Payment for any other payment method you need.

Hold or Resume Orders

Hold orders for customers who needs more items to purchase then easily resume

Run Daily Reports

See daily sales and inventory report with quick end day reports.

Keep Track of Products Lists

Product Details

Keep your products organized with pictures, prices, and categories. PeakPOS can easily handle 50,000+ products on a regular PC.


Use barcode scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and accurately.

Inventory Locations

Track inventory in multiple locations.

Manage Inventory Levels

Stock Card

See history of product movements in all aspects of the business. From purchases to sales and inventory adjustments.

Audit Stocks

Correct inventory inconsistencies by auditing stocks of physical and system stock quantities.

Transfer Stocks

Allocate stocks to multiple locations like warehouses and other storages.

Product Pricing Schemes

Have your way in defining product prices to match up your business seasons such as company anniversary, promotions and discounts.

Layaway Accounts

Sales Orders

Create sales orders with applicable dynamic payment terms.

Sales Returns

Record customer returns and deduct returns in their orders.

Customer Lists

Keep track of customer lists and their transaction history.

Reorder Stocks From Suppliers

Purchase Orders

Create purchases for supplier reorders.

Purchase Returns

Record customer returns and deduct returns in your orders.

Supplier Lists

Keep track of supplier lists and their transaction history.

Settle Accounts

Monitor and manage accounts of customers and suppliers in reference with their transactions and returns.

Generate Multiple Report Sets

Complete set of reports can be generated both detailed and summarized. Dynamic date ranges including time to properly monitor business operations on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance.

Multi-User Access

Have multiple users working at the same time. Everyone is updated of what the other is doing real-time.