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Supply Tracker

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Product Features

Virtual Check-In

Customers use a virtual queue by taking tickets in the Queuing Station. Customers will select their business transaction and will be queued to their designated station.

Counter Display Unit

All queues from different stations can be viewed in a single unit. The station is specified beside the queue to show customers which station will serve them.

Annoucement Speakers

When your staff is ready to serve, customers are notified by a chime or voice announcements.


Entertains waiting customers with company advertisements and integrated digital signage.

Centralized Server

The system is centrally controllable because it is housed by a central server where all stations are connected to.

Performance Insights.

Real time monitoring of staff performance, and statistical analysis of operational efficiency and measures of KPIs.

Generate Statistical Reports

Statistical reports are generated by the system which provides clear information on useful evaluation on customer experience, staff performance and overall operational efficiency.

Security Features

Hashed Passwords

All stored passwords are hashed. This is one way encryption method to protect user passwords even when the database is accessed by an unauthorized entity.

Audit Trail

The software have the capability to record user activities and report all actions made by user, which includes any historical changes made to any information within the software.

Access Rights

Administrator users are able to setup custom authorized access to different user levels.

User Levels

Administrator users are able to manage user levels to categorize user types of the system.



₱ 5,230.00

  • Fusce tincidunt vulputate ipsum eget elementum
  • Nullam quis gravida odio
  • Aliquam accumsan
  • Augue non mollis laoreet


₱ 8,230.00

  • Nullam at auctor lectus, at ullamcorper ligula
  • Erat ante dignissim justo
  • Ac molestie magna orci nec elit
  • Donec vitae convallis magna


₱ 12,230.00

  • Suspendisse dictum commodo lacinia
  • Nullam ac libero commodo
  • Ultricies lacus ut
  • Posuere magna
  • Nullam in ultricies odio
  • Pellentesque felis risus

Supply Tracker

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