Transactions Tracker

Centralized Electronic Logbook and Document Management System

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Transaction Tracker System

Transaction tracker helps you to control the processing of documents and helps maintain efficient tracking of documents whenever it’s being routed to other departments.

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Product Features

Information Management of Documents

Keeps an organized record of documents with different classifications of custom document tags, document types, and communication types.

Never lose track of documents

All activities in routing documents to different departments are recorded in a transaction. Detailed information of the transactions is systematically logged for easier and efficient monitoring of documents activities.

Send documents to multiple recipients

Memorandum, announcements and other communication that needs attention of numerous entities can be sent simultaneously through the system’s Send to Many function. .

Attach files, media and software

Copies and other annexes of the document may be attached in its profile to add reliable source of the document. These attachments may be viewed by addressed and authorized users.

Powerful search

Easily search documents, transactions and report details with its powerful search options. Filter information in a wide variety of preferences to easily find what you are looking for.

See how well departments perform

The length of time the documents are being routed around the departments are monitored by the system. You’ll easily get a glimpse of the best performing department in handling the document transaction.



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Organize your document management.

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