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Product Features

Generate Payroll in a Jiffy

It only takes a few steps to finish payroll. Save more time and effort with automated computation of employee pays.

Timekeeping and Scheduling

Create and manage single or group bookings with the centralized management. Real-time update of room availability from all stations help you prevent double bookings.

Government Contributions

myPayroll is integrated with the national standards of government contribution. Every after payroll processing, contribution related reports can be generated.

Profile Management

Keeps employee files organized. You can see anything you need to know with your employees.

Security Features

13th Month Pay and Incentives

Create 13th month pay and other employee incentives like expense reimbursements, incentive leave pay and credits.

Loans and Other Deductions

Every loan and deductions recorded are automatically reflected during payroll processing. It can be changed dynamically for temporary waving of deductions.


Manage different employee leaves.


Admin may set up national and company holidays dynamically.


Automatically identifies overtime pay of employees based on attendance recorded.

Multi-User Network

Use multiple units with working on the same data. Real-time update of date with the rest of the team, without any data conflicts.

Access Rights

Control what modules users can access. Different user roles determines access level of users.



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